Atzimba is a premier chef who is not only creative with her culinary endeavors but is also philanthropic and engaged with different organizations.

She enjoys planning and organizing charity events, particularly for organizations dedicated to promoting health (such as the American Heart Association) and providing support for underprivileged groups.

For instance, she works with Chicago for Latinos Unidos por la Salud, through which money is collected to assist people who need lung transplants.

She has worked with Dorantes Isabella, admired chef of the Renaissance Hotel, in the Flavors of Chicago event, from which she was pleased and proud to say they were able to compete with the 15 most important restaurants in Chicago and were still able to raise the most money from the event on behalf of the Liver association, because (according to Atzimba) Mexican prehispanic food is the best!

Chef Atzimba is also a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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